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About the Awards
Jack Henningfield
Patricia Santora
Deputy Director
Denise Smith
Financial Manager
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National Advisory Committee
    Ronald M. Davis, M.D. (Chair)
    Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, EdD
    Raymond Daw, MA
    Michael Massing, M.A.
    Lee Robins, Ph.D.
    Kathy Sanders-Phillips, Ph.D.
National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee (NAC) to the Innovators Awards Program reaffirms the importance of (1) recognizing innovations through the granting of Innovators Awards to individuals whose work has made a significant difference in controlling substance abuse, and (2) of driving innovations in addiction control.  NAC members serve a critical advisory function in guiding the program to meet these goals. 

They are responsible for establishing the Innovators’ nomination and selection processes, and making the Innovator Award selections based on nominations received from the field, documents received from the candidates, and interviews of selected finalists.  NAC members are also responsible for making recommendations for the future direction of the program and its overall evaluation.  The NAC is composed of the following members: Ronald Davis, MD (NAC chairman), Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, EdD, Ray Daw, Michael Massing, Lee Robins, PhD, and Kathy Sanders-Phillips, PhD.  For detailed profiles of the NAC, please click on their names in the left column. 

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