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ADDICTION TREATMENT: WHAT WORKS?; DO WE USE “WHAT WORKS?” New Book Features Provocative Essays About Drug Addiction and its TreatmentDecember 5, 2007

Drunk Driving Deaths Expected to Soar July 4: The 2nd Most Deadly Day. July 4, 2007

Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths Among Teens Spike During Prom and Graduation Season.  May 31, 2007

Alcohol-related insurance denials in trauma centers are common, according to new study. October 27, 2005

Looking to the Future: Helping 33 Million Smokers QuitSeptember 7, 2005

Tobacco Companies Designed Cigarettes "To Addict Women," According to New Study.  May 31, 2005

Dr. Ellen Hahn To Receive APHA's Dr. John Slade Advocacy Award for Tobacco-Control Work - In Heart of Tobacco Country.  November 10, 2004

First Study of Indoor Air Before and After a Smoking Ban Finds Carcinogens Eliminated by Smoke-Free Laws. September 8, 2004

Dr. C. Everett Koop's Public Service Announcement Videos on Preventing Smoking and Alcohol Addictions.

Five Win Prestigious Award For Groundbreaking Work In Addiction.  July 23, 2003

Dr. C. Everett Koop To Lead Provocative Discussion Of Nation's Most Pressing Substance Abuse Science And Policy Issues.  February 10, 2003

Five Who Have Revolutionized Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Are Recognized, Will Conduct Innovative Projects.   October 16, 2002

Anti-tobacco and Alcohol Abuse Experts Top List as Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Innovators. August 2, 2001

Innovators Combating Substance Abuse and Developing Leadership In Reducing Substance Abuse officially debuted at a kick-off press conference at the Willard Hotel.  September 14, 2000

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